Screens of the World

It Begins

by Frédéric CHOFFAT


Original title : Tout commence

Director : Frédéric CHOFFAT

Production : Close up

Duration : 92 Minutes

Year : 2022

Original version : Française

Subtitled version : allemand et anglais

Country : Switzerland


At the beginning of 2019, young people are taking to the streets around the world to warn of the climate emergency. In Switzerland, they are demonstrating, blocking banks and questioning the system. Just as their voices begin to resonate, the arrival of the coronavirus in 2020 abruptly cuts off their momentum and silences them.

"It Begins" intimately follows these activists through the euphoria of the first demonstrations and the spleen of the health crisis. It asks us, young and old, about our relationship with this world that is collapsing and how to envisage a future together, all generations included.

With participation of Greta Thunberg


57es Journées de Soleure
FIFDH Genève
MILLENIUM Festival Bruxels

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