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by Tomoko KAWAMURA, Jun'ichirô TAKEDA


Original title : Breathing

Director : Tomoko KAWAMURA, Jun'ichirô TAKEDA

Production : ICAM

Duration : 34 Minutes

Year : 2009

Original version : Japanese

Subtitled version : English

Country : Japan


Breathing. Inhaling air and absorbing its oxygen. Air passes through the nasal cavity, and strikes the respiratory tract’s walls and reaches the alveolar sacs. The alveolar epithelium type II cells of each alveolus secrete pulmonary surfactant to protect and help the expansion of alveoli and ensure suppleness and movement.


Science and Technology Film/Video Festival, Japon 2010: Special Incentive PrizeJAAP International Short Film Festival, Japon 2010 Special Project Prize

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