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My Father's Funeral

by Lorenzo Mbiahou Kemajou


Original title : Les Funérailles de mon Père

Director : Lorenzo Mbiahou Kemajou

Production : Vrai Vrai Films

Duration : 63 Minutes

Year : 2016

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


After 9 years of absence, I return to Cameroon for the funeral of my father. I fear the evil eye that took away many of my brothers and the misunderstanding that reigns in my big family. I take advantage of this celebration to consult my mother, the elders and the young people, to understand what I will be able to transmit to my children born in Spain.


2016 : Festival de Cine Africano - FCAT - Tarifa (Espagne) - Sélection
2015 : Documentary Films Festival - Saint Louis (Sénégal) - Official Selection - Feature film

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