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The Gros Tube

by Manuel LARRIAGA


Original title : Le gros tube

Director : Manuel LARRIAGA

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2009

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


The film is a glimpse into the lives of seven colourful, exuberant musicians, during eight days of their summer tour through France, from Caen to Fleurance, via Loudéac, Annecy and Bagnole-de-l'Orne. Throughout the journey, we discover the reasons that led these diverse personalities, with a passion for funk, to join the band. What is important to the band members of "Le Gros Tube", is to be together, feeling the same tempo, being on the same wavelength, and that everyone feels involved and happy to be here. The camera discreetly makes itself invisible and becomes such an accomplice to these seven talented musicians, that it manages to steal away a few private moments. The narrative is enhanced by an astonishing editing job in rhythm with the interviews of the band. The film also offers a reverse angle of a high-spirited, often euphoric crowd. Time and the miles fly by to the funky jazzy rhythms of "Le Gros Tube".

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