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A Lasting Lust for Life

by Bernard BLOCH


Original title : Le dur désir de durer

Director : Bernard BLOCH

Production : Oeil sauvage

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2006

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


Mankind has always dreamed of living for as long as possible. So what exactly are the latest discoveries and theories that might one day allow us to influence the complex process of ageing and help us live longer? “A Lasting Lust For Life” tells the story of a woman in her early sixties who takes a light-hearted approach to investigating the reasons behind the ageing process and the options for slowing it down. Armed with a notebook to jot down her findings, she sets off to meet the researchers and laboratories now tracking the molecular processes involved in ageing.


AFO Olomouc CR, CAID Athens - Art Prize

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