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by Tomoko KAWAMURA, Jun'ichirô TAKEDA


Original title : Stomach

Director : Tomoko KAWAMURA, Jun'ichirô TAKEDA

Production : ICAM

Duration : 24 Minutes

Year : 2009

Original version : Japanese

Subtitled version : English

Country : Japan


Why does the stomach never digest itself? An approach to this mysterious finding in this scientific documentary film. To remain alive the stomach must digest foodstuffs. It carries out its digestive function whilst protecting itself by a layer of mucus it secretes. The camera captures the process of the complicated mechanism of the secretion of gastric acid which is repeated after each meal in our daily lives.


・Prize of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the 47th Science and Technology Film and Video Festival, Medical Prize, Japan 2006
・First Prize at the 16th TEPIA Video High Technology Contest, Japan 2006
・Special Prize of the WAMHF, Healthy Image, at the 7th International Health Film Festival, Liège (Belgium) 2006
・Prize of Sciences - Freddie Awards International Health & Medical Media Awards, USA 2006
・Award for Best Educational Film at the 44th Techfilm Festival - Prague, Czech Republic
・Intermedia-Globe Gold Award at World Media Festival, Germany 2007
First prize at the JAAP Short Film Festival, Social communication Award, Japan 2007

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