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From Egg to Man

by Jun'ichirô TAKEDA, Eriko KISHI


Original title : From Egg to Man

Director : Jun'ichirô TAKEDA, Eriko KISHI

Production : ICAM

Duration : 24 Minutes

Year : 1976

Original version : Japanese

Subtitled version : English

Country : Japan


A simple response to the question: Where did we come from and how did we get here? A journey explaining the story of life from the spermatozoid and the egg to the nervous system, with music by Sei Ikeno. Best seller of ICAM, this film have been used as sex education in many schools.


  • Selected at the Japan Art Festival, 1976
  • Best Picture Award, Science and Technology Film Festival, Japan, 1977
  • Minister of Education and Culture Award, Educational Film Festival, Japan, 1977
  • Gold medal, Tokyo Educational Film Contest, Japan, 1977
  • Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture Honour Prize 
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