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Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa



Original title : Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa

Director : Martin DOBLMEIER

Production : Journey Films

Duration : 55 Minutes

Year : 2006

Original version : French

Country : USA


Theologian and musician of high repute, Pastor Albert Schweitzer was born in German Alsace in 1875. After studying medicine in Alsace, at the age of 30, he decided to leave his comfortable life in Strasbourg to go and treat sick people in Africa. He embarked at Bordeaux accompanied by his wife Helen, a nurse and opened a hospital at Lambaréné in what is now Gabon. Interned in France during the First World War, because he was German, Albert Schweitzer returned to Lambaréné in 1924 and rebuilt his hospital that became one of the finest in Africa. In 1953 he received the Nobel Prize for Peace for having devoted his life to treating thousands of sick people and lepers in Africa. He died in Gabon in 1965 at the age of 90. Based on interviews with his daughter, granddaughter, doctors and historians, this docudrama tells the story of the Schweitzers and the birth of ethics and the respect of life.


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