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In Search of Josephine

by Éric ELLÉNA


Original title : À la recherche de Joséphine

Director : Éric ELLÉNA

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 104 Minutes

Year : 2012

Original version : French, Italian, English

Dubbed version : French, English

Country : France


2 x 52 mn Would Napoleon ever have become Emperor without Josephine? This two-part documentary series revisits the life of an astonishingly modern woman from the time of her childhood spent on the island of Martinique, to her coronation as Empress at the age of 41 at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, and finally until she died ten years later from tonsillitis in her chateau in Malmaison. With the help of historical reconstructions, paintings and engravings we relive important moments of her extraordinary life. Having survived a devastating hurricane, a death sentence, being fired at by cannons, a bombing and a fall from a balcony, Josephine continues to fascinate millions of people all over the world...

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