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Tabu, film directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau


Directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau


In one island of Bora Bora lagoon, a young fisherman, Matahi, is in love with Reri. But she is chosen to be the holy maid and therefore becomes "tabu". They ran away from that tradition. Will they be happier and luckier in the more "civilized" society ?


Directed by : Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Writing Credits : Friedrich Wilhem Murnau et Robert Flaherty
Cinematography by : F. Crosby, R. Flaherty
Music by : H. Riesenfeld
Produced by : Friedrich W MURNAU
Distributed by :
Cast : Anna Chevalier, Matahi, acteurs non professionnels dans la population de Bora-bora

1931 - USA - VO - 90 min

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