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Susana, Demonio y Carne, film directed by Luis Bunuel

Susana, Demonio y Carne

Directed by Luis Bunuel


Susana is a powerful melodrama in which a beautiful, sultry delinquent girl (Rosita Quintana) escapes from a reform school and finds solace in the home of a well to do family. She uses her feminine wiles to tempt the men around her and turns the orderly lives of the locals into a frenzied chaos. The film uses the power of eroticism to reveal the hypocrisies of modern society.


Directed by : Luis Bunuel
Writing Credits :
Cinematography by : J.O. Ramos - N&B
Music by : Raul La Vista
Edited by : L. Bunuel, Jorge Bustos
Produced by : Int. Cinematografica, Sergio Koga, Manuel Reachi
Distributed by :
Cast : Rosita Quintana, Victor Manuel Mendoza, Fernando Soler Maria Gentil Arcos, Luis Lopez Sommo.

1950 - Mexico - VO - 82 min

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