The Mystery of Rampo

Directed by Kazuyoshi Okuyama


Edogawa Rampo is a writer whose latest work is censored by the government, deemed too disturbing and injurious to the public to be allowed to be published. However, after burning his drafts, his publisher shows him a newspaper with an account of events just like his forbidden story. As the film progresses, fantasy and reality intermingle in a tale that draws heavily on influences from Poe and Stoker's Dracula. The film's strongly Expressionistic direction skillfully combines a variety of media (animation, computer-generated imagery, grainy black-and-white fast film stock, color negatives) for artistic effect.


Directed by : Kazuyoshi Okuyama
Writing Credits : K. Okuyama, Yuhei Enoki (d'après le roman de Rampo Edogawa)
Cinematography by : yasushi Sasakibara
Music by : Akira Senju, Orchestre Philarmonique de Tchecoslovaquie
Edited by : Akimasa Kawashima
Produced by : Shochiku
Distributed by : Films sans Frontières
Cast : Masahiro Motoki, Naoto Takenaka, Michiko Hada, Teruyuki Kagawa.

1994 - Japan - VO - 100 min

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