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Pauline & Paulette, film directed by Lieven Debrauwer

Pauline & Paulette

Directed by Lieven Debrauwer


Pauline is a person with cognitive disability, she has a simple and rather happy life with her older sister Martha, who takes care of her since their parents died. It's an assistive and very asymmetrical relation, Pauline is considered as a child, despite her age of 66. Suddenly Martha dies and the two younger sisters have to think of how to face with the new situation. The "easy solution", to send Pauline to an institute, becomes impractical because the clause of Martha's last will, her fortune will be divided in three equal parts only if one of the sisters will take care of Pauline. Pauline loves immensely her sister Paulette, her shop and all the bright colored stuff in it. Paulette has rude manners, she has her own life, the shop, the Operetta, but in her straight words and gestures in some way promotes the autonomy of the sister. You have to be able! The other sister has a relation with a "very elegant" man, too much elegant, there isn't space for Pauline in their narrow, suffocating relation. The time with Pauline has its difficulties, hence, and perhaps it's better to give up the heritage, the two sisters think at last. But the new situation for Paulette, who closes her shop, brings to new decisions, to new lives...


Directed by : Lieven Debrauwer
Writing Credits : Lieven Debrauwer, Jacques Boon
Music by :
Edited by : Philippe Ravoet
Produced by : Dominique Janne
Distributed by :
Cast : Dora Van Der Groen, Ann Petersen, Rosemarie Bergmans, Julienne De Bruyn, Idwig Stephane

2001 - Belgium - VO - 78 min

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