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Subida al Cielo, film directed by Luis Bunuel

Subida al Cielo

Directed by Luis Bunuel


A young man and woman's honeymoon is cut short when the man learns that his mother has fallen ill back at home. The newlywed couple rush there to discover the other sons neglecting their mom in order to plot their squandering of the inheritance. The newlywed son takes quite an adventurous bus-ride to a distant city to get his mother's will notarized to the contrary, and is faced with multiple temptations along the way.


Directed by : Luis Bunuel
Writing Credits : Luis Bunuel
Cinematography by : Alex Philips
Music by : Gustavo Pittaluga
Edited by : Luis Bunuel, rafael Portillo
Produced by : Produccione Isla
Distributed by :
Cast : Lilia Prado, Esteban Marquez, Carmen Gonzales.

1951 - Mexico - VO - 85 min

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