Katok i skripka

Directed by Andrej Tarkovski


The Steamroller and the Violin is a 1961 feature from a screenplay written by Andrei Konschalovsky and Andrei Tarkovsky. The film tells the story of the unlikely friendship of Sasha (Igor Fomchenko), a little boy, and Sergey (Vladimir Zamansky), the operator of a steamroller. The film was Tarkovsky's diploma film at the State Institute of Cinematography


Directed by : Andrej Tarkovski
Writing Credits : Andrei Konschalovsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.
Music by : Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Edited by : Lyubov Butuzova
Produced by : Mosfilm
Distributed by : Films sans Frontières
Cast : Igor Fomchenko, Vladimir Zamanskiy

1961 - Soviet Union - VO - 46 min

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