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, film directed by Sagan

Directed by Sagan


Manuela is a spirited and independent teenager sent to a boarding school when her mother dies. The Prussian principal runs the school with an iron hand, believing that discipline and hunger strengthen a girl's character. Like the rest of the girls, Manuela develops a crush on Elizabeth Von Bernburg, a young teacher who believes it's important to be the children's trusted friend. Manuela's mistake is to announce her love in front of guests and students at a party following a school play. How will the principal discipline Manuela, and how will Fraulein Von Bernberg, Manuela, and the other girls react to the principal's decisions?


Directed by : Sagan
Writing Credits : F. Darman, Chrita Wislow
Cinematography by : Reiner Kuntzc
Music by : Hanson Milde Meissner
Edited by : Oswald Hafenrichter
Produced by : Carl Froelich
Distributed by :
Cast : Emilia Unda, Dorothea Wieck, Herta Thiele.

1931 - Germany - VO - 96 min

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