Directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau


In this fable-morality subtitled "A Song of Two Humans", the "evil" temptress is a city woman who bewitches farmer Anses and tries to convince him to murder his neglected wife, Indre. Sunrise is a masterpiece. It easily ranks as one of the best, and most important silent films ever made and it is as brilliantly technically as it is on the substance front. A must see for all fans of cinema.


Directed by : Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Writing Credits : Carl Mayer
Cinematography by : Karl Strüss, Ch Roscher
Music by : Hugo Riesenfeld
Edited by : Harold D. Schuster
Produced by : Fox
Distributed by : Films sans Frontières
Cast : Georges O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingstone

1927 - USA - VO - 117 min

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