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The Unvanquished, film directed by Satyajit Ray

The Unvanquished

Directed by Satyajit Ray


After living awhile in Benares, 10 year old Apu and his mother move in with her uncle in a small Bengali village. Apu enters a local school, where he does well. By the time he graduates, he has a scholarship to study at a college in Calcutta. So off he goes. His mother is torn by his leaving, and by his growing independence. She loves her son very much and wants him to succeed, but she does not want to be left alone.


Directed by : Satyajit Ray
Writing Credits : Satyajit Ray
Cinematography by : Subrata Mitra - N&B
Music by : Ravi Shankar
Edited by : Dulal Dutta
Produced by : Satyajit Ray Productions
Distributed by :
Cast : Kanu Bannerjee, Karuna Bannerjee, Pinaki Send Gupta, K.S. Pandey, Subodh Ganguly

1956 - India - VO - 108 min

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