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Chikamatsu monogatari, film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi

Chikamatsu monogatari

Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi


In 18th century Kyoto, Osan is married to Ishun, a wealthy miserly scroll-maker. When Osan is falsely accused of having an affair with the best worker, Mohei, the pair flee the city and declare their love for each other. Ishun orders his men to find them, and separate them to avoid public humiliation


Directed by : Kenji Mizoguchi
Writing Credits :
Cinematography by : Kazuo Miyagawa _ N&B
Music by : Fumio Hayasaka
Edited by : Kenji Sugawara
Produced by : Masaichi Nagata
Distributed by :
Cast : Kazuo Hasegawa, Kyoko Kagawa, Eitaro Shindo

1954 - Japan - VO - 100 min

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