Pratiwandi - The Adversary

Directed by Satyajit Ray


A young man, newly graduated from college is unable to find meaningful employment. He lives in a crowded apartment with his widowed mother, a revolutionary brother and a younger, well-employed sister. Family frictions and his continuing unsuccessful quest for a job place an unbearable strain on him causing him to hallucinate. The pressure, magnified by the tense and impersonal setting of Calcutta, builds to a devastating conclusion.


Directed by : Satyajit Ray
Writing Credits : Satyajit Ray d’après un roman de Sunil Ganguly
Cinematography by : Sumendu Roy, Purnedo Bose - N&B
Music by : Satyajit Ray
Edited by : Dulal Dutta
Produced by : Priya Films
Distributed by : Films sans Frontières
Cast : Dhritiman Chatterjee, Jayashree Roy, Khrisna Bose, Kalyan Chatterjee

1970 - India - VO - 110 min

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