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The Remains - after the Odyssey, documentary Directed by BORGERS Nathalie

The Remains - after the Odyssey

Directed by BORGERS Nathalie


Over the past few years, thousands of people have lost their lives or have gone missing while crossing the Mediterranean. However, one question never appears in the reports on the refugee crisis: what happens to the dead bodies that are recovered from the sea? Who takes care of their bereaved families and who helps the families to find their missing relatives?Nathalie Borgers’ film The Remains follows two parallel narratives. The first focuses on those left to deal with the remains of each terrible shipwreck on Lesbos. The second portrays a Syrian family’s reunion in Vienna, and the inconsolable sadness of losing 13 relatives whose bodies were never found. A grief that can find no resting place.


Director : BORGERS Nathalie
Production : Navigator Film
Duration : 89
Year : 2019
Original version: Greek, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, German
Subtitles : German, English or French
Rights : Navigator Films

2019 - Austria - 89 min

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