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Culture for the Suburbs, documentary Directed by SANSON Franck

Culture for the Suburbs

Directed by SANSON Franck


The Chaplin Cultural Centre is located in one of France’s most famous suburban towns, Le Val Fourré in Mantes-la-Jolie. With its 25,000 inhabitants, the impression is not that life is good. At nightfall the estate is dangerous and people don’t go out. Cultural events take place during the day at the Chaplin Centre but it is not easy to get the residents to come. People say, "culture is not for us." That is what made Pierre Kueny and his team want to change people’s attitudes. Lack of resources, insecurity, religious taboos or sexism, the Chaplin team never ceases to find obstacles in its path. Culture is, above all, a matter of people meeting, and that is something that Pierre Kueny and his team would be best to remember or remain locked in their bubble…


Director : SANSON Franck
Production : French Connection Films
Duration : 52
Year : 2006
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide except France and French African countries
Festivals : Official selection: 2006 Thionville Film Festival

2006 - France - 52 min

Documentary on the same topic : Ethnology & Sociology

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