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On the Scene, documentary Directed by LANFRANCHI Philippe

On the Scene

Directed by LANFRANCHI Philippe


From busking to the stage, Catherine and Gregory, two charismatic young classical singers, live out their passion in an unconventional way. This soprano and baritone have invented a new form of "performance": beneath a bridge spanning the Seine or in the gardens of the Palais Royal, they practice their art with spontaneity and talent and a tape-recorder for their only support. Initiators of the association “Voix-Si, Voix-La, Opéra Sans Frontières” they try to loosen the constraints of this closed milieu, for both spectators and performers. Before a fascinated and receptive audience, they show that opera doesn’t always require a huge stage to create emotion. The film follows them from breakfast-time scales to advice from their singing teacher and on to a hall with exceptional acoustics which they were able to rent for an evening.


Director : LANFRANCHI Philippe
Production : French Connection Films
Duration : 52
Year : 1999
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide

1999 - France - 52 min

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