My City is a Daydream

Directed by BERTOUA Dominique


Ivry sur Seine. In this southern Parisian suburb. Embracing communism in 1925, Ivry’s identity was built around a huge population of workers, but it is also a place of reconciliation between Christians and Communists. In 1933, a young Catholic activist, Madeleine Delbrêl, decided to settle in this "mission post". 10 years before the “worker-priests” came into existence, she wanted to spread the Gospel amongst a predominantly atheist working population by speaking the simple language of brotherhood. The meeting between Madeleine and the workers’ world was so sincere that she earned the trust of a large part of the population. She left such a powerful mark that even today the “red city” is still steeped in her influence.


Director : BERTOUA Dominique
Production : Oeil sauvage
Duration : 52
Year : 2010
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide
Festivals : Selection: Étoile de la SCAM 2012

2010 - France - 52 min

Documentary on the same topic : Ethnology & Sociology

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