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Has the City Lost its Soul?, documentary Directed by

Has the City Lost its Soul?

Directed by


Fleeing the city centers of Normandy which had become military targets, the inhabitants of the cities that had been bombed didn’t know if one day they would return. Once the centre of Caen and Le Havre had been reduced to piles of rubble, it took more than 15 years to rebuild the cities and put a roof over everyone’s heads. But the ambitions of the town planners did not stop there. Supported by Paris and the local elite their goal was to radically transform the city and divide it into areas with well-defined functions. From hovels to council houses built in haste on high rises on the outskirts of the towns. Gradually less wealthy victims felt excluded from their old neighbourhoods and the new modern buildings in the town centres. The city has changed, social diversity has been lost and with it, it would appear, part of the city’s soul?


Director :
Production : French Connection Films, France 3 Normandie
Duration : 52
Year : 2005
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide

2005 - France - 52 min

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