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The Long March of Bob Slaughter, documentary Directed by

The Long March of Bob Slaughter

Directed by


The Long March of Bob Slaughter tells the story of a US veteran and his D-Day experience during World War II. Told using historical footage and interviews, Slaughter’s moving tale is brought to life and reminds us of the enormous sacrifices made 60 years ago. By the 6th of June 1944, nearly two million Americans had crossed the Atlantic to join the fight to liberate Europe from Nazi terror. Bob Slaughter was one of these soldiers, later a survivor of Omaha Beach, and a rare witness of this crucial moment of our history. His experience represents the trauma and heartbreak suffered by his hometown and the neighbouring Bedford, a small and peaceful town in South Virginia that paid the highest price of human life per capita in the United States. Rich in experience and wisdom, the life of Bob Slaughter gives meaning and aspirations to young Virginians, all the same age as Bob when he first went into battle. Bob’s story helps them understand what it means to go war, and to fight for freedom.


Director :
Production : French Connection Films
Duration : 52
Year : 2004
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide
Festivals : Official Selection 2005: Southwest Virginia Vision Film Festival (Blue Ridge)

2004 - France - 52 min

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