The Commitment

Directed by MASSÉ Michèle


On June 8, 1942, Josèphe Cardin, a Catholic girl in occupied France, wore a yellow star in rebellion against the Vichy regime. On the grounds of being "a friend of the Jews”, she was arrested by French police and incarcerated in camps at Drancy and Tourelles. During her incarceration, she cared for children before their departure to Auschwitz concentration camp. This act of resistance in the transit camps marked her life forever. Michèle Massé tells the extraordinary destiny of a young woman who was her mother...


Director : MASSÉ Michèle
Production : Ana Films
Duration : 52
Year : 2010
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide

2010 - France - 52 min

Documentary on the same topic : History & Civilisation

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