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Ireland, Awaiting Forgiveness, documentary Directed by

Ireland, Awaiting Forgiveness

Directed by


After the signing of the peace agreement, will the Protestant and Catholic communities be able to live in peace and forgive one another? The situation is still very tense. The walls, built throughout Belfast to separate Catholic areas from Protestant areas, are still in place. Protestant marches still dissolve into pitched battles in sensitive Catholic areas. Both communities are held hostage by the extremists and the paramilitaries. In the midst of all this, reconciliation is still taking place. Former prisoners and activists form networks connecting people from both sides whose role is to avoid violence and misunderstandings. Protestant ministers and Catholic priests are talking to each other. Mixed marriages are on the rise; integrated schools and shared institutions are opening. Yet, will it be enough to reverse the rise in extremism?


Director :
Production : French Connection Films
Duration : 55
Year : 2005
Original version: English
Rights : Worldwide

2005 - France - 55 min

Documentary on the same topic : Ethnology & Sociology

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