Women In The Wings

Directed by DÉJARDIN Marjory


The contrast of the destinies of two women: Angela Ferrucci, seamstress and Italian immigrant and Benoîte Groult, renowned French novelist from the Parisian bourgeoisie. While Groult forged her own destiny as a liberated free-thinking woman, Ferrucci had no control over hers. The two women talk frankly about their lives and how a changing society has affected their viewpoints and ideas, a reminder of how life has changed for women over the past fifty years.


Director : DÉJARDIN Marjory
Production : Mandarine Films
Duration : 52
Year : 2010
Original version: French
Subtitles : English
Rights : Worldwide
Festivals : Youth Jury Award, FIGRA 2010, Le Touquet

2010 - France - 52 min

Documentary on the same topic : Ethnology & Sociology

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