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Fake Whites!, documentary Directed by

Fake Whites!

Directed by


In Africa there is a group that has been excluded from the statistics. It is not an ethnic group living on the fringes of the forest. Far more exotic than beaded beards and loincloths is the White Man. Housewives, employees or the unemployed living like the locals, sometimes in extreme poverty. The image they portray is the contrary to reputation. But it is the image of the White Man in general in African society that is the issue. Indeed, these Europeans are qualified by the Cameroonians as "Fake Whites". So what is a Real White? This cultural imposition of identifying the White Man with wealth and beauty has left its mark in our minds. These White Men, in going against the classic meaning of migration appear like startling ghosts from a bygone era.


Director :
Production : Jakaranda
Duration : 52
Year : 2000
Original version: French
Rights : Worldwide

2000 - France - 52 min

Documentary on the same topic : Ethnology & Sociology

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